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Why Massage Your Baby?

Infant Massage Helps you Fall in Love with Your Baby.

Improves Your Baby’s Digestion and Absorption of Nutrients.

Daily Massage Improves Baby’s Sleep Patterns.

Builds Loving Bonds for Parents and Deep Attachment for Babies.

Improved medical outcomes when sick babies positively touched.

Reduces Stress and Anxiety for Both Parents and Babies.

Enhances Physical and Motor Development.

Soothes Crying, Colic and Reflux.

Encourages Father-Baby Relationships.

Reduces Postnatal Depression for Parents who Massage a Baby.

Increases Positive Parent Baby Communication.

  • Infant Massage Training Testimonials

    “I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful training and mentorship you provided my entire group . . . it was a truly life-changing experience for many of us and a big part of that is due to your wisdom and patience. You have been an inspiration to me . . . .”

    “The training was excellent! . . . It was an incredibly profound experience for me and far exceeded my expectations. . . . As the four days progressed I became aware of the inner peacefulness and calming that I was experiencing due to the atmosphere in the training course created by Jody Wright. . . . A wonderful but truly unexpected experience! . . . It reaffirmed my utmost joy in working with parents and infants.”

    “I loved ALL aspects of the training! . . . I appreciate being given the opportunity to be part of such an incredible and empowering group for parents and their babies.”

    “Infant Massage is the most satisfying work I have ever done. One of the Early Hard Start staff people I consult with told me: ‘It is the most perfect thing to accomplish all our goals. It does everything we are hoping for.’  Infant massage gets people to focus on what’s going on with their baby. All the talk, all the hours we spend with families, yet infant massage just does it so quickly.”

    “The ‘real life’ baby and parent classes were WONDERFUL and really helped to put what we learned into practice. . . . I was impressed to see firsthand how the parents can bond with the babies, and to hear how it has helped them both.”

    “The course is a must-have for any professional working with infants or working with parents of infants . . . everyone should know this information.” – from the head of an Early Intervention Agency

    “As a pediatric PT, this course has given me a great tool to help parents feel more connected to their children.

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  • About Infant Massage

    Infant massage has developed in many places in the world. Babies love to be touched, so it just makes sense that a structured way to touch infants, that fulfills their deepest needs for affection and touch, should develop and be passed on from generation to generation in many areas of the world. As my mother told me once, “Jody, I massaged you when you were a baby. I don’t know why. It just seemed like the right thing to do.”

    The massage that I teach parents and instructors comes from India, where almost all babies are massaged, and includes Swedish massage strokes, reflexology and a bit of yoga, too. It was developed by Vimala McClure for her own babies, and shared in the book,

    Infant Massage, A Handbook for Loving Parents.

    Infant Massage Benefits

    Infant Massage is a wonderful tool for helping families connect more closely with their baby and understand their baby’s cues and communication, while at the same time giving parents an interactive practice that improves their baby’s sleep patterns, helps alleviate postnatal depression, enhances interaction, and reduces stress for both parent and baby.
    Please give me a call or email me if you need more information, have questions or want to register.
    I would love to have you or your staff in my training!


    Jody Wright
    International Trainer
    Infant Massage USA
    International Association of Infant Massage

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  • Fathers and babies enjoy music, rhymes, infant massage and smiles.
  • In Infant Massage Instructor Training you learn to teach parents to massage their own babies.
  • Infant Massage is a wonderful way to support children with special needs.