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LMTs who Teach Infant Massage

Licensed Massage Therapists (LMTs) attend infant massage trainings to widen the services they offer. Teaching infant massage to families is a natural continuation of prenatal massage. The mother who realizes how much she has benefitted from getting massage herself, will also want to extend those great benefits to her child. By learning herself to do the massage she can give one to her baby every day.

When a parent massages their own baby, the baby can get the regulating benefits of daily massage, feel closer to their parent, enjoy the safety of being touched by someone that they trust and who truly knows them.

The following are comments from Infant Massage Certification Training participants in the massage field:

“I came to this course thinking i would learn to massage babies and I am leaving seeing the great benefit of empowering the caregiver/mother/father/grand parents to massage baby.”

“The information and enormous wealth of knowledge from this training increased my confidence as a current “mother to be” and massage therapist. My goal is to expand this knowledge to parents so they grow and bond w/their babies and [help them] have a good touch experience. This experience has not only opened my eyes to the potential for work but [also] within my own family.”

“It may be a decent amount of money but worth every penny! I have learned so much [more] in four days then I feel I have over the past 5 years of school!! (haha). Amazing time/class and experience!”

“Felt training was eye opening, informative and exciting. looking forward to practicing on my baby and furthering my personal massage therapy practice with the training.”

“The training gave me the opportunity to grow and learn. I truly feel inspired to begin a new career.”

“This course was eye-opening for me as a LMT as well as a Mom. I with I would have had this class 22 years ago before I started having babies. Empowering!”