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Teaching Infant Massage in Hospitals

The following are comments from Infant Massage Certification Training participants and CEIMs who work in hospitals:.

“Infant massage has really given me a new tool to be excited about and has really enriched our parent education program at the hospital. I had one mom of a 3 month old tell me that her daughter slept for 7 hours straight for the first time after infant massage class. She was amazed!!!”

When you work in a hospital, you have a unique chance to educate parents about the importance of nurturing touch, though staff time constraints, parent’s irregular schedules, and the baby’s sensitivity present unique challenges.

“I think this was one of the most validating and wonderful experiences that I have ever had as a professional in my lifetime.”

“This course was a wonderful complement to my child development background and help me to be a better child life specialist in the hospital setting.”

“Both working in the NICU and being a first time mother, i felt [infant massage] was a great skill to have. I am excited to share my knowledge with other mothers looking for additional ways to bond with their children.”

“This experience will change my practice as a Pediatric Nurse and Lactation Consultant. I will feel more confident when giving advice on how to help their infant alleviate gassiness or colic.”

“This experience inspired me to not only resume infant massage with my own children, but also gave me the knowledge and skills to empower the parents I work with so they can bond, connect, and fall in love with their fragile babies.”

“As a Child Life Specialist observing and learning by example is core to how we teach new and incoming professionals. Not only does this class give in-depth teaching on the unique world of infants, but it also gives opportunity to work & teach with babies & their families.”

“This training compliments my Child Life experience and philosophy. The infant massage training and information connects, scaffolds, & integrates beautifully so that I can support each role with the work of the other.”

“I was looking for an evidence-based, thorough, hands-on learning experience. While this course met those needs, I got so much more than that. By providing the information always within the context of the parent-child connection, it kept it human and relevant and sets the tone for future practice.”

“I would definitely recommend this training for anyone who works in pediatrics and can incorporate this into their job training. It is something that more people should be aware of, especially the benefits it has for children and families that can be carried on throughout life.”