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How Nurses Use Infant Massage

The following are comments from Infant Massage Certification Training participants who are nurses:.

“Even as a RN, BSN, RNC-MNN, CLC & IBCLC & NRP Instructor, I still learned new things about babies & their “language” – the strokes were just a small part of the class. (RNC-MNN = registered nurse clinician in maternal newborn nursing.)”

Nurses and other medical professionals can offer parents infant massage instruction when they see that a parent is struggling with issues of connection, lack of an understanding of their babies cues, depression, or a specific diagnosis that would be aided by daily nurturing touch.

“I really enjoyed being part of the training and meeting others who work in different fields yet share the same interest in teaching infant massage. This training was highly beneficial to my overall learning and understanding of infants.”

“I’m a labor and delivery/special care nurse. I always say that in that field I’m not just a part of a family’s birth experience. I’m creating memories. Infant Massage in the memory I want to create with my new mothers and families with infants.”

“I’ve been a pediatric nurse for a long time but this experience helped me to see babies and their needs in a whole new perspective.”

“This training was wonderful and informative. As a clinician I use evidence-based practice to support my practice. And I was surprised to see all of the evidence that supports infant massage as a healing and beneficial tool. I’m excited to share what I have learned with parents and co-workers. Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful healing information. – Patrice Davis RN, IBCLC

“Parents can feel very helpless in the hospital and Infant Massage is a great tool to give them more of a role in the hospital.”