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Oils for Massage

Put a small amount of oil on your hands and rub them together, making a swishing sound. This lets baby know it is time to start the massage.

Choosing a Massage Oil Involves
Many Considerations Including:

  • Cultural preference
  • Family tradition
  • Availability
  • Cost

OIls reduce friction during massage, and that means your baby feels more relaxed by the massage.

Your class instructor will be familiar with oils available in your area and can help you as a parent select an oil that you and your baby will be happy with.

Cold Pressed Oil and Unscented Vegetable Oils

Generally we recommend cold pressed, unscented fruit and vegetable oils such as safflower, sunflower or fractionated coconut oil because:

  • They are non-toxic and safe when baby sucks their fingers or rubs their eyes
  • They can contain beneficial nutrients, such as vitamin E, which are good for the skin
  • These oils absorb into baby’s skin quickly, so baby doesn’t get too slippery after application
  • They have no added scent, so infants can still enjoy their parents’ natural smell, and are not overwhelmed

Use an oil to massage your baby that you would eat on a salad – one that is fresh, natural, pure and unscented. Perhaps you already have an appropriate oil in your kitchen. Put it in a small squeeze bottle, if possible, to prevent spills. Make sure the bottle and top are big enough that baby will not try to swallow them.

Put just a bit of oil on the palm of your hand, and rub your hands together to make a swishing sound. Show your hands to your baby, and verbally ask permission from your baby to give him/her a massage. See Asking Permission. Watch your baby to see how she or he responds. Is she saying “yes” or “no”?

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