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This is an ever-changing list of free items, coupons and links for CEIMS: Certified Educators of Infant Massage.

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 Free Sample Packet – Coconut Oil

Coconut OIl is a great choice for infant massage, and these .5 ounce packets can be given to parents in your infant massage classes. Infant Massage Warehouse will send you a free packet to try out, via USPS or combined with your order. US instructors only except with an international order.

To order click Free Sample Packet – Coconut Oil



Free Learn Bengali Lullaby download

Download this simple six minute recording of the the Bengali Lullaby that has become the informal theme song for the International Association of Infant Massage instructors. It comes with a downloadable sheet that includes the words, and a bit of history. Learn it from the MP3, sing it to your little ones and teach it to others. Or play it as a background and sing along as you want to. Calms fussy infants, soothes tired babies to sleep, and when your baby is in a content mood, it is a wonderful song to accompany massage.

To order click Free Learn Bengali Lullaby download

Use this coupon code when you order: LearnLullaby


Save $5 on the new version of Infant Massage, A Handbook for Loving Parents

Save $5 at the InfantMassage when you purchase a copy of Vimala McClure’s brand new 4th edition of the book that brought infant massage to the West. Includes lots of new and updated information, and a great list citing the research and sources that back up her work. To order go to Infant Massage: A Handbook for Loving Parents and use the code FourthEdition when you check out to get your discount.