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Let me introduce myself

My name is Jody Wright. I am a trainer with the International Association of Infant Massage, located in Sweden, and Infant Massage USA, its U.S. chapter. I have been doing massage since 1980 when I adopted my first child and asked my friend, Vimala McClure, to teach me infant massage. She had just written a book called Infant Massage: A Handbook for Loving Parents.

A couple years later I adopted my second child, and parents started asking me to teach them infant massage. Vimala told me to go ahead, and invited me to learn infant massage from her, become a certified instructor, and then a trainer of instructors in 1984. I led trainings for seven years, and then took a break to raise my family and be the president of Motherwear, a catalog for nursing mothers, which I led for 19 years.

When I left Motherwear, I was delighted to see that the organization I had been a part of starting was now a world-wide organization, the International Association of Infant Massage, supporting nurturing families in over 35 countries around the world. I returned to training for the International Association of Infant Massage, which is registered in Sweden, in 2006.

I have five grown children, and massaged all my babies. Four of my children were adopted, and I have a multi-racial family. I now have the pleasure of sharing massage with my grandchildren, and with all the families that come to my trainings and classes.

My family – five daughters with partners and children in 2014.

I have served for fifteen years on the Board of the International Association of Infant Massage. I was initially on the Board when the International Association of Infant Massage Instructors was formed in 1987 to 1992. And then again served on the International Board from 2006 to 2016.

The IAIM International Board at a meeting in Lisbon Portugal in 2013.

I am a trainer and parent educator, by profession, and am trained as a graphic designer, a lactation counselor and a childbirth educator, along with running the Motherwear catalog/website for almost 20 years.

I teach a dozen or more trainings each year in the USA and I have had the joy of doing Infant Massage Certification Trainings in Costa Rica, Taiwan, Ghana and Kenya. Here are a few photos from my international trainings:

I went to Haiti with my fellow trainers, JoAnn Lewis and Vonda Jump, and led two trainings in March 2014.
In the Volta area of Ghana, I taught traditional birth attendants and village health advocates to teach mothers to massage their babies in 2010.
I partnered with fellow trainer, Suzanne Adamson from the UK and Kenya, to teach a training in Kenya in 2012.
I have taught a number of trainings in Taiwan. Here we are learning the strokes.