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Infant Massage Helped My Children

One of my students wrote me today:

“My youngest daughter suffers from extreme constipation and a bowel syndrome. We have tried prune juice, Miralax(r), and various other remedies suggested by her physicians. Once I started performing infant massage [regularly] on her (particularly the ‘colic routine’, with a focus on her belly,  twice daily), she began to have consistent bowel movements, more frequently, and with significantly less pain.

My older daughter is 11 and experiencing “growing pains” in her feet and legs.  It is so fantastic that she will come to me and literally say, “Mommie, can  you massage my legs and feet?  I’m growing and they hurt.”  She is always present when I massage her little sister, and has witnessed the benefits she has reaped, so my oldest is outspoken about her massage needs as well.

I am so thrilled that I am able to help my children naturally, through a bonding process, and without medication.  I cannot say enough positive comments about your class, Jody! You, your class, and the massage techniques have made a valuable impact on my precious little family, and I will never forget you for that.”